What Is Liberty House About?


Being engaged in church is about more than merely attending Sunday services. Whether you’ve been in church your whole life, or if this is a new experience for you, the church at Liberty House has something for you. We are a new fellowship of loving, unified, believers in Christ. 


In our society today, it is easy to become just a face in the crowd. But at Liberty House, you matter.  Your scars, your joys, your fears – those are what make you who you are. It is our hope and fervent prayer that here at Liberty House, from the moment you drive your car onto our parking lot, you will know that you are welcome.


Here at Liberty House, we wish to communicate the love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy that can be found in Jesus. It is our desire to never have boring services, but to instead have life-changing worship and thought provoking Bible studies directed by God.


At Liberty House, we are a group of friendly, happy people who have discovered the indescribable joy of Christ, & we want to share our joy with you! Our goal is to provide a foundation for building relationships with one another in an environment of acceptance & encouragement.